ETiK builds stronger businesses by offering key solutions that fix problems and create opportunities.

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We are innovators. The foundation of ETiK is innovation – developing new and improved solutions to overcome obstacles and present new opportunities for better business. ETiK follows its own innovation development process to discover and design new innovations.

We are entrepreneurs. Where we see opportunity, we bring new solutions and businesses to the marketplace. Our fearless determination to capitalize on better business empowers our clients in a competitive marketplace.

We are consultants. Offering end-to-end business development services, ETiK provides apt consulting in marketing & growth, fundraisingsupply chain management, conflict resolutionvision & organizational cohesion, transparency & traceability, sustainability, and social impact.

Our clients: The mining industry; wholesalers of diamonds, gemstones, and minerals; textile and manufacturing companies; jewelry and apparel retailers; and all of their supply chains across the globe.

ETiK – from the Swedish word ‘etik,’ meaning “ethics.” This is our ethos.

Our Founder & President. ETiK was founded by entrepreneur Joel Borgquist, creating solutions for some of the most difficult problems that businesses and nonprofits face. Coming from the world renowned School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, Mr. Borgquist has the skills and experience needed to design and deploy effective new innovations. He is on the board of directors of The Trade Foundation and the Jewelry Industry Summit and he participates in humanitarian projects across the globe. ETiK is driven by his passion for better business.

We’re partners of industry-leading traceability and supply chain systems

Ravara is the leader in minerals, metals, and jewelry.

Segura is the leader in textiles, manufacturing, and apparel.

We work with leaders in fintech

Sixpence is a game-changing fintech fundraising platform.

“It’s all about innovation. We won’t see positive change and better business without innovation to make it possible.”

Joel Borgquist, Founder

“Innovation is hard work. We’re here because there’s no cookie cutter way to produce these solutions.”

Joel Borgquist, Founder

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