ETiK provides cutting edge solutions for the metal & mineral industries

We deliver customized evaluations and roadmaps for risk identification & mitigation, traceability, sustainability, and community engagement. We deploy business development models and build custom supply chain management plans.

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We solve problems. The foundation of ETiK is innovation. We develop new and improved solutions to tackle the obstacles that hinder good business. ETiK follows its proprietary development process to explore and design new industry solutions for its clients and the industry as a whole.
We build opportunities. As entrepreneurs, we help our clients compete; discovering and capturing market opportunities. Our fearless determination to capitalize on better business empowers our clients in a competitive marketplace.
We empower our clients. Every deliverable to our client brings them one step further in better, more competitive, business. We provide each client with the information and tools they need for success.
Our clients: Mines, wholesalers, refiners, manufacturers, jewelers, retailers – and their supply chains across the globe – NGOs, and governments.
Our identity: ETiK exists for positive impact. We work only to build and expand good business; healthier communities; and a better, more trusted, industry. This is our identity. Even our name holds this value: From the Swedish word ‘etik,’ which means “ethics” – at the core of everything we do.
Our team: ETiK offers a robust global team of industry professionals with the highest level of experience and expertise. Founded by innovator Joel Borgquist, ETiK’s team implements solutions for some of the most difficult problems that businesses, NGOs, and governments face every day.

We’re partnered with industry leaders

Ravara is the leading cloud-based network and interface for the metal & mineral industries

Segura offers revolutionary management and traceability systems for textiles and apparel

“You’ll only see the benefits you want by implementing the solutions you need.”

Joel Borgquist, Founder & President

“Good solutions are defined by asking the right questions and using the right tools.”

Joel Borgquist, Founder & President

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