Our programs transform the brand identities of Certification Partners into marketable Certified Products with transparent origins and traceable supply chains.

Brand identities are operationalized by pursuing artisanal and corporate programs offering Licenses, Accreditations, and downstream benefits.

Certification Partners attach their brand identities to the product’s passport for retailers and consumers.

Brand Identity

Certification Partners differentiate and improve their brand identity by meeting the Standard and being transparent to retailers and consumers. Their identities are attached to their Certified Products by following their program’s System Requirements.

Product Value

Certified Products receive a passport detailing origins and laboratory reports, in addition to complete traceability with the transparent identities attached at every site. The certification process aligns roles with responsibilities while minimizing unnecessary commitments and time.

Downstream Guarantees

The Certification guarantees brand identities reach the retailer and consumer in a meaningful format. Consumers actively experience the origins, authenticity, traceability, and individual brand identities of a Certified Product and make a purchase by officially adding the product’s passport to their personal footprint.

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