About ETiK

Innovators | Consultants | Entrepreneurs

Founded by Joel Borgquist in 2014, ETiK has provided innovation and social enterprise across the globe.

We are innovators. The foundation of ETiK is innovation – developing new and improved solutions to overcome obstacles and present new opportunities for better business. Developing in-house upon this foundation, ETiK follows its own innovation development process to discover and create new innovations.

We are consultants. Offering end-to-end business development services, ETiK provides apt consulting in marketing & growth, supply chain management, conflict resolutionvision & organizational cohesion, transparency & traceability, sustainability, and social impact.

We are entrepreneurs. Where we see opportunity, we bring new solutions and businesses to the marketplace. Our fearless determination to capitalize on better business has led to industry-leading solutions. These include independent business and nonprofit entities, as well as market-capturing innovations in existing businesses.

Our endeavors include: The Trade Foundation – an innovative nonprofit developing a traceability initiative for the trade of minerals; Ravara – a company bringing new solutions to mining and mineral supply chains. FIIV – A product control system for mineral supply chains.

ETiK – from the Swedish word ‘etik,’ meaning “ethics.” This is our ethos.

Why We’re Unique

As innovators, consultants, and entrepreneurs

We’re in it with you.

We are invested in our solutions. Your success is our success. Our multi-faceted background and approach gives us a unique perspective and offering for your business. We’ll help you get it done.




Improving business and industry one solution at a time.

Innovators • Consultants • Entrepreneurs

“It’s all about innovation. We won’t see positive change and better business without innovation to make it possible.”

Joel Borgquist - ETiK's Founder

“Innovation is hard work. We’re here because there’s no cookie cutter way to produce these solutions.”

Joel Borgquist - ETiK's Founder

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